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2023 Southland Autumn Sieger Links

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Show News


The grounds have waived all parking fees for our event. Thank you Industry Hills Expo Center.

More parking details:

Here is a map for the grounds.


We'll be in "The Vineyard" (the green rectangle on the map). All of the show parking will be in the "Overflow Parking" area just west of The Vineyard.


2023 Southland Autumn Sieger

November 11 & 12, 2023 in City of Industry, CA

The 2023 Southland Autumn Sieger will be held at Industry Hills Expo Center in City of Industry, CA. The show grounds will be outdoors on flat, open grass. We will be setting up in the afternoon the day before the show, so if you plan on setting up early, please wait until we begin our setup first. The Show Roster will be updated periodically as entries come in and the Show Schedule will be available within a few days of the show closing. You can enter our show online or via fax or mail (for a printable show entry form, click here). Would you like to help us hand out fliers? We'd really appreciate it. Just click here. We can also give you fliers Send an e-mail to and we'll ship you a box of fliers

Why show at IABCA conformation shows? What makes The International Dog Shows different?

  • All Dogs receive WRITTEN CRITIQUES from top American, Canadian, and other foreign judges.
  • We strive for a relaxed, friendly, and flexible atmosphere. We get a lot of new exhibitors and they have a great time learning at our shows, getting advice and asking questions from our judges.
  • Dogs can earn International IABCA Titles with judges licensed from multiple countries (USA, Canada, Argentina, Serbia, Columbia, Sweden, Australia, Germany, and more).
  • Dogs are judged individually against the breed standard for their title points, not against other dogs (dogs can earn titles even if they are the only dog in the show of their breed).
  • A two or three judge panel judges each Best in Show category.
  • And much more!

Show Information:

Updated: 11/8/23
  • Dates*: November 11 & 12, 2023

  • Location: Industry Hills Expo Center

  • Closing Date: November 3, 2023, 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific

    • Entries are limited to 235 dogs, first come-first serve.
    • Entry fees are $44.75/show
    • No late entries will be taken
  • Judging Panel will include**:

    • Sharlene Craig - USA
    • Janet Fink - USA
    • Carol Hamilton - USA
    • Skip Herendeen INT & USA
    • Joao¬†Machado - BRAZIL
    • Karyn Myers - USA
    • Gary Sackett - USA
    • Michelle Shultz - USA
  • Show Committee:

    • Show Superintendent - Greg
    • Assistant Superintendent - TBA
    • Chief Ring Steward - TBA
  • Local Pet-Friendly Hotels (by distance):

  • Other Info:

    • Photographer - TBA
    • Vendors - TBA
    • General Exhibitor Parking details:
      • Here is a map for the grounds:
      • We'll be in "The Vineyard" (the green rectangle on the map). All of the show parking will be in the "Overflow Parking" area just west of The Vineyard.
    • Overnight RV Parking:
      • Dry camping only, no hookups
      • Please pay IABCA for RV parking after you request for RV nights on the entry form
      • $25/night
    • Food Service - TBA
    • Electrical outlets available to exhibitors? None

Changes and new policies:

  • Entries are limited first come-first serve. Entry limit posted above.
  • NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted.
  • Mailed in entries MUST BE POSTMARKED by ten days before closing or they will not be accepted.
  • Please communicate via email ( whenever possible.
  • Stay home if you are experiencing any covid symptoms.
  • RULE CHANGE: NO DAY OF SHOW adding allowed. No changes or additions can be made at the show. Any changes to your entry must be made before show closing. Express show is available online or at the show (Saturday only and only for dogs entered in all 4 shows already).
  • We will not hand out armbands at the front desk. You will pick up your armband ringside at your first show for the weekend.
  • We will not be handing out folders. Orange cards and critiques will be issued from each ring at time of judging and given to the exhibitor at that time (no need to bring any paperwork to the ring with you).
  • You must follow established ring procedures for entrance and exit.
  • When finished showing you should leave the ring area.
  • You must familiarize yourself with all signage and on-site instructions.

General Information:

*Show Notes:

We have four shows each weekend, two shows per day. Each show will be under a different judge. If a dog does well (gets the top score each show), an adult dog can earn an International Title in three shows. Puppies can earn a National Puppy Title in three shows; a fourth show would give that puppy an International Puppy Title (four puppy shows =both Nat and Int puppy titles).

**Judging Schedule Notes:

  • Dogs may be asked to be judged before their times scheduled but CANNOT be required to do so.
  • Group times CAN be called early.
  • Best in Show times CAN be called early.
  • Best in Show ring numbers will be announced at the show.
  • All Ring times and numbers are subject to change.
  • Junior Handler exhibition will be on Sunday during lunch. Check at the front desk on Sunday for more details. Day of show entries for juniors are welcome.

Thank you to all exhibitors for your support. Enjoy the Show!

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