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Extra Info

When contacting us, using correct terminology will help understand better and solve problems faster. For instance, Registrations refer to registering with IABCA to be eligible to receive titles earned at our shows. Entries refer to signing up to attend one of our International Dog Shows.

IABCA Titles Info

Title Requirements

The title requirements listed below are set forth and awarded by International All Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA).

Puppy Titles

The requirements for Puppy Titles are different than that of the adult dog Titles. The puppies must earn three certificates in order to receive the (appropriate for age) National Title. If the puppy receives one additional certificate (appropriate for age), the puppy may apply for the International Puppy Title (appropriate for age).

Adult Titles

All levels of Championship Titles require 3 (three) award certificate cards (Orange Cards) of the appropriate rating for the Titles to be issued. It is possible to complete the International Title before completing the National. If an adult dog enters all three days of shows, and does well (V-1) all three days, the International Title will be earned. (The club assures the proper mix of three different judges, from at least two countries to all who enter the three days.) Title Fees: $40.00 adult or $25.00 puppy.

National Championship

A National Championship title is achieved after receiving three (V-2) "NatCH" certificates.

International Championship

An IABCA International Championship title is achieved after receiving 3 (three) "IABCA Award Certificate" from an IABCA International Dog Show. These certificates must be awarded by three different judges, with at least two of the judges licensed in different countries, for example: 2 Americans & 1 Canadian.

Champion Class

Having received either a National or International Championship a dog will be entered into this class in order to finish receiving the necessary NatCH or IntCH to have both championships, thereby, qualifying it for entry into the next higher class (Honors Class). After receiving both National and International Adult Championships a dog may move up and compete for additional higher) championship titles. Also, note that the necessary certificates for a particular championship must be filed with IABCA before entering the next highest class.)

 IABCA Titles Awards & Abbreviations

Following is a list of Champion titles in progressive order. Next to the name of the Champion title is a list of the proper "IABCA Award Certificate (orange card) required to qualify for that title. Remember it takes three certificates of the proper award (as listed) in order to qualify for each championship). This also serves as the abbreviation for the title.


  • National Champion - NatCH
  • International Champion - IntCH
  • Honors Champion - HnrCH
  • Honors Champion in Bronze - HnrCH-B
  • Honors Champion in Silver - HnrCH-S
  • Honors Champion in Gold - HnrCH-G
  • World Beauty Champion - WBCH
  • World Beauty Champion in Bronze - WBCH-B
  • World Beauty Champion in Silver - WBCH-S
  • World Beauty Champion in Gold - WBCH-G
  • World Cup Champion - WCCH
  • World Cup Champion in Bronze - WCCH-B
  • World Cup Champion in Silver - WCCH-S
  • World Cup Champion in Gold - WCCH-G
  • World SuperCup Champion - WSCCH
  • World SuperCup Champion in Bronze - WSCCH-B
  • World SuperCup Champion in Silver - WSCCH-S
  • World SuperCup Champion in Gold – WSCCH-G
  • World SuperCup Grand Champion – WSCGCH
  • World SuperCup Grand Champion in Bronze – WSCGCH-B
  • World SuperCup Grand Champion in Silver – WSCGCH-S
  • World SuperCup Grand Champion in Gold – WSCGCH-G


  • National Baby Champion - NatBA
  • International Baby Champion - IntBA
  • Honors Baby Champion – HnrBA
  • National Junior Puppy Champion - NatJR
  • International Junior Puppy Champion - IntJR
  • Honors Junior Champion – HnrJR
  • National Senior Puppy Champion - NatSR
  • International Senior Puppy Champion - IntSR
  • Honors Senior Champion – HnrSR


  • International Companion Champion – ComCH
  • International Companion Champion in Bronze – ComCH-B
  • International Companion Champion in Silver – ComCH-S
  • International Companion Champion in Gold – ComCH-G


  • Veteran Champion -VetCH
  • Veteran Champion in Bronze – VetCH-B
  • Veteran Champion in Silver – VetCH-S
  • Veteran Champion in Gold – VetCH-G
  • SuperVeteran Champion - SVCH
  • SuperVeteran Champion in Bronze – SVCH-B
  • SuperVeteran Champion in Silver – SVCH-S
  • SuperVeteran Champion in Gold – SVCH-G

*The dog must have earned the required Champion title in order to be shown in the class with the same name. In that class the dog works towards earning the next highest title. For Example, a dog that has earned the Honors Champion in Bronze title enters the Honors Champion in Bronze class. (In the Honors Champion in Bronze class the dog works towards earning the Honors Champion in Silver Title, that is why in the proper rating in the Honors Champion in Bronze class is HnrCH-S).